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                                   Thank you Karen !    


After twenty years as a member of the Bolton Board of Education and serving as Chair for the better part of that time, Karen Bergin has resigned her position on the Board. During those years, Karen had one goal – to advocate for the best education possible for all students in the Bolton Public Schools. She has tirelessly and passionately defended the mission and goals of 
the Board of Education. She has been the premier advocate for public education in Bolton. On behalf of the Bolton Board of Education, and the students and staff of our schools, we would like to thank her for her many years of dedicated service.

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It is a great honor to welcome you to the Bolton Public Schools, an award winning school district committed to excellence in education.  We celebrate and honor our long history of success that is fostered by the strong relationships that have been established between the Board of Education, administration, faculty, parents, and the community.  Our outstanding team of administrators and faculty in the Bolton Public Schools is committed to engaging in collaborative work with families to continuously improve our efforts focusing on challenging and supporting our students. 

Our focus on the continuous improvement of student learning creates a rich and diverse learning environment at all levels of our educational organization filled with innovation, collaboration, and excellence.  As a result, our students master rigorous grade level standards while developing core thinking and learning competencies and engaging in powerful, real-world learning experiences necessary for success in college, careers, and as global citizens.  Our students develop essential knowledge and learning skills in all disciplines necessary to become ethical citizens who are innovative and influential leaders in their world through:

Effective Oral and Written Communication:
Students effectively articulate thoughts and ideas, communicate with purpose and express ideas clearly and effectively to communicate within and across cultures, and synthesize a variety of sources using oral, written, and presentation skills. 

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving:
Students develop meaningful questions to guide inquiry, create, refine, analyze, and evaluate original and innovative ideas, and apply abstract knowledge to solve problems and execute solutions.

Students participate effectively and respectfully in productive teams that represent diverse perspectives, assume shared responsibility for collaborative work, value the individual contributions made by each team member, and seek opportunities to collaborate with others in personal, work, and community contexts.

Leadership and Innovation:
Students inspire others by demonstrating integrity and ethical behavior with the interest of the larger community in mind; demonstrate leadership skills by taking the initiative to solve problems or by seeking better solutions and reflecting on the successes and mistakes that comprise leadership and innovation.

Accessing and Analyzing Information:
Students access, analyze, process, and evaluate rapidly changing sources of information, media and technology in order to discern new challenges and opportunities.

We are proud of the many achievements of our students in academics, the arts, and athletics and encourage our students to discover their individual talents and interests through participation in our extracurricular offerings and community service experiences.  Our schools foster an environment focused on respect, responsibility and compassion for others to maximize academic engagement and achievement for all students.

Kristin B. Heckt, Superintendent of Schools

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Bentley Memorial Library

Bolton Historical Society

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